Earth Day every day, at WorldPower Energy

The world needs more and more energy At the same time, the climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, concretized through the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. In order to be able to offer the world access to energy, but at the same time limit and slow down climate change, which is particularly a result of fossil energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, we must look at the resources we already have available today.

With the possibilities of World Power Energys innovative energy solution our value propostion is to be a recognized, important and leading player in the global energy picture, with fertile ground for creativity and innovation, rooted in sustainability. The company’s goal is to become the world’s most preferred supplier of installations for power generation,
to be a leading supplier of renewable energy and be at the forefront of optimizing zero-emission electricity production globally.

“If I am able to solve the problem of the utilizing the ocean – its calm waters, and enormous resources in buoyancy and gravity, it will have enormous significance for the world. The potential positive effect of a solution like this is what drives me forward”, says Bendik Bø, inventor of WorldPower Energy.

Hydraulic solution for power transmission

Particularly with optimization and the construction of the hydraulic system for transmission. It is, as always, important for the company to acquire the right expertise in the form of experienced and skilled partners and collaborators.
With our own Hydraulics Manager, Jostein Bø, now part of the team, the quality of this work is increasing.
Jostein has extensive experience in the offshore industry. He has worked his way through all the stages from drilling deck worker to working as a toolpusher – the latter for the world’s largest rig company, TransOcean.
With his complex expertise, broad experience and large network, Jostein is an important resource for WorldPower Energy.

The word hydraulics comes from the word hydro, which means “water”. In a hydraulic system, however, we do not use water, but hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid to control a mechanical process using control units. Unlike air, the oil cannot be compressed. This means that we get a very stable system. The oil also prevents corrosion in the hydraulic system. Hydraulics are used, among other things, for power transmission, shock absorption and servo on steering and brakes on vehicles, steering of cylinders for various types of machines and steering system on larger boats.

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