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WorldPower Energy – by nature
The future of clean and sustainable energy production

Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and is an almost unlimited source of energy, which today is barely utilized.
World Power Energy has invented a unique solution that creates huge surpluses of energy by utilizing the interaction between gravity and buoyancy in water.

Revolutionary energy solution

Actually, the basic idea behind this unique renewable energy solution is not new at all.
If you try to push a beach ball into the water, you will encounter resistance. If you swim with the ball down to the bottom and release it, the ball will shoot straight up. It is the force of the movement of the ball towards the surface we utilize.

The difference is that our solution gets the ball down to the bottom without costing energy, by letting the ball fall freely through a trachea – without resistance, by means of gravity. The whole process is repeated over and over, and we extract energy both on the way down and on the way up.

As an important bonus for the environment, all water that passes through our systems will be filtered and cleaned of microplastics – the microplastics will be handled in a responsible manner.

WorldPower Energy is the energy solution of the future.


With three different pressure systems, we can use a higher pressure system to push water to a lower pressure system. We create a space as large as the floating element in the buoyancy machine requires to get back out to sea, completely independent of depth.
In this way, we have not used energy to get the floating element out into the sea.
Through this solution, potential energy is transformed into buoyancy energy, further from buoyancy energy to mechanical energy, and then from mechanical energy to electricity.
One of the most unique things about our solution is the use of constant presence of hydrostatic pressure in water. This means constant access to and utilization of basic energy.

Patent protection

On the 17th. of august 2020, WorldPower Energy received the good news from the Norwegian Patent Office that the company’s patent application had been granted and that WorldPower Energy would be granted Norwegian patent.
WorldPower Energy is applying for patents for newly developed technology on an ongoing basis, and secures in this way bothcurrent, and future technology.
The company and the technology have been patent protected throughout the development phase, with superseding applications.
WorldPower Energy is patent pending in all countries.

exclusive trademark rights

From the 7th. of January 2021, the company owns the exclusive right to the WorldPower Energy® trademark, which includes both the name and logo in its entirety for the goods and / or services trademarks registered for.

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World Power Energy´s unique solution creates enormous surpluses of energy by utilizing the interaction between gravity and buoyancy in water.
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The energy solution of the future

With the possibilities of World Power Energy´s innovative energy solution
our value propostion is to be a recognized, important and leading player in the global energy industry,
with fertile ground for creativity and innovation, rooted in sustainability.
The company’s goal is to become the world’s most preferred supplier of installations for power generation,
to be a leading supplier of renewable energy and be at the forefront in terms of
optimization of zero-emission electricity production globally.