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WorldPower Energy’s journey

From the drawing board to the energy solution of the future


From idea to reality

The active period of development of what we know today as WorldPower Energy’s technology began as early as 2015.
That was when Bendik Bø, inventor and founder of the company, made in earnest to try to solve the existing problem around the exploitation of the sea and its calm waters and vast resource of buoyancy and gravity.

In parallel with family life and work, the years from 2015 to 2020 consisted of a lot of thinking, drawing and calculation for Bendik. There were many long work hours at the kitchen table and in the office, with the acquisition of knowledge about water and its properties, as well as the acquisition of previous research and physical theories. During this period, Bendik was in regular contact with professors and other professionals at subsea, both nationally and internationally. Thiw was done to challenge his own invention by comparing with existing solutions and other ongoing research, and in this way uncover any potential errors and mistakes.

During these years of testing the physical principles, with continuous adjustment and optimization, Bendik came ever closer to what was to be known as the technology behind WorldPower Energy.
In the autumn of 2019, Bendik was left with what he then thought could be
the solution itself. Bendik built a homemade prototype based on this solution, and brought it with him to Trondheim and NTNU’s hydropower laboratory to test the physical principles. To Bendik’s great enthusiasm, the prototype worked exactly as expected and desired.

This moment marks the beginning of the real adventure.

wpe skisser i sorte streker

"I was thinking of an idea. Then I thought a bit more, before I decided to do something about it...
Now we are doing it!"

Bendik Bø
Inventor and Founder of WorldPower Energy


WORLDPOWER AS is established

On the 17th. of January, a patent application for the latest technology is submitted to the Norwegian Patent Office, and in February the parent company WorldPower AS is established.  The WorldPower Energy project is now official and  the workof finding strategic partners and investors has begun. 


To ensure the company’s further growth, raising capital in this phase was important, and a somewhat unusual public stock-campaign was launched in June.
This led to good results financially, but not least, the campaign generated a lot of interest and engagement. People’s knowledge of, and understanding of, the project increased significantly, both locally and nationally.

Stakeholder dialogue and Networking

The summer months consist of exciting and important meetings, and conversations with important stakeholders in both the private and public sectors. It is important for WorldPower Energy to establish good contact and relationships with strategic supporters and partners.

Focus on technology

Three students from NTNU contribute throughout the summer with their expertise, and assist with machine drawing and calculation of energy production, and it is both inspiring and useful to have them on the team.


In August, WorldPower Energy reaches an important milestone when the Norwegian Patent Office approves the company’s patent application, which means that WorldPower Energy will be granted Norwegian patent for its original invention – a very important recognition.
Work on the international patent applications is already underway.

Unexpected verification

As part of the ongoing research work, the company’s Technical Manager, Gagi Peskovic, came across two reports. The reports are from two different universities in the USA, from 2005 and 2014, respectively, and confirms the principles of physics which WorldPower Energy’s unique energy solution is based upon. The purpose of the researchers behind these reports was only to prove an exception to Archimedes’ law, without any specific idea of further use of the concept.
WorldPower Energy has, completely independent of these reports, worked out its solution, optimized the technology and taken the concept further to construction. However, what makes these reports interesting and exciting is precisely that they underpin the company’s concept, which in turn creates a sense of security in the work being done, also moving forward.

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WorldPower Energy – producer of clean and environmentally friendly energy
Espen Barth Eide foran Colab bygg i gult

"A concept with a future!"

Espen Barth Eide
Energy- and environmental policy spokesperson, Norwegian Labour Party

IncreaSED competencE

WorldPower Energy’s main focus is on further development and optimization of the technology, as well as meeting with major investors and partners, but important work is also being done on the company’s organizational development. Throughout the autumn of 2020, the WorldPower Energy team is being established with its own PR and Marketing Manager, Technical Manager, HSEQ Coordinator as well as a Project Manager. small but solid team is formed consisting of people with different backgrounds, experience and interdisciplinary expertise.

Production agreement

In November 2020, WorldPower Energy signs a production agreement with Westcon Olvondo, a subcontractor of the company’s partner Sustainable Energy. Westcon Olvondo is located in Western Norway, more specifically on Rubbestadneset in Bømlo, and is a supplier of environmentally friendly and innovative solutions with over 100 years of production history to refer to.


Already from the start of November, Westcon Olvondo is working intensively on construction and tests, with an estimated “proof of concept” mid-December.
After several important and fruitful discussions at the drawing table along with some newly produced parts, we finally ended up with the optimal solution to conduct a test run in water.
On the 17th. of December WorldPower Energy finally receives the message we all have been waiting for. With partner Sustainable Energy and supplier Westcon Olvondo present, a test is carried out at a depth of 7 meters from the quay at Rubbestadneset in Bømlo. Accompanied by the jubilation of the crowd the test, with the simple prototype equipped with an underwater camera, is carried out with results beyond all expectations.

"It's great that WorldPower Energy is showing us the confidence of preparing a test rig for the first prototype.
It is exciting to be a part of such an important milestone in the project. Westcon Olvondo also sees great opportunities for collaboration on a full-scale production!"

Sigbjørn Innvær
Operations Manager, Westcon Olvondo

"It's a dream when everything works for the first time, exactly as we planned it - both in my mind and on the drawing board!"

Bendik Bø
Inventor and Founder of WorldPower Energy​


The transition from phase 1 to phase 2

The world is still in the middle of a challenging situation and for the first time, the COVID-19 restrictions are also affecting WorldPower Energy’s work.
The original plan was to start off the new year fully focused on the construction process of the first full-scale prototype at the company’s supplier Westcon Olvondo in Western Norway already in week 1, but this were postponed due to travel restrictions.
The WorldPower Energy team makes good use of the time together in the office, with focus on organizational development, strategy and meeting activities. The time is also being used for preparations for the execution of the pilot project with its first functioning full-scale prototype, and the optimization of the construction process. 


In January, WorldPower Energy receives the news from the Oslo Patent Office that the company will be granted exclusive trademark rights. From the 7th. of January 2021, the company owns the exclusive right to the WorldPower Energy® trademark, which includes both the name and logo in its entirety for the goods and / or services trademarks registered for.
Patent protection and trademark rights are very important to protect the company’s technology, both current and future, identity and reputation, and provides security for the company’s current and future investors.

world power energy logo blå og grønn

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