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WorldPower Energy has moved into new premises at the venerable Alfred Andersen
Some of you already know that WorldPower Energy has relocated to a new address. With proper profiling now in place, it is a good idea to officially announce that WorldPower Energy has moved premises.

From the establishment of the company, exactly one year and one month ago today, 18th. of February 2020, and throughout the first year, WorldPower Energy was part of the CoLab Larvik. CoLab is a coworking space in the city center of Larvik, which offers flexible solutions for individuals and companies in all phases. Their aim is to create an environment where people help and support each other, in the work of establishing, running and developing businesses. The time at CoLab was very important for WorldPower Energy, and the relationships with several important acquaintances and collaborations were established as a result of the company’s time there.

It has never been a secret that WorldPower Energy has big plans and hairy goals. The fact that the company now has its HQ at old Alfred Andersen in Larvik, including its own workshop, and with production facilities at Rubbestadneset, is an important milestone. It reflects the company’s seriousness and weight, despite its young lifespan.

Alfred Andersen was established in 1893 in Larvik, and became a large workshop in Vestfold with the whole country as a market. The products were adjusted to the largest markets at any given time, from the needs of whaling to the oil industry or the construction industry.

With a huge factory facility and associated buildings, there are great opportunities to facilitate the production of WorldPower Energy’s power-producing units in the future – an opportunity WorldPower Energy is looking forward to exploring further.

By following the link you can read more about our revolutionary energy solution!

Thanks to UTD Larvik for a great sign.

WorldPower Energy moves to Alfred Andersen