world power energy i hvit med transparent bakgrunn
WorldPower Energy celebrates their 1st birthday!
Exactly one year ago today, 18th. of February 2020, WorldPower AS was established. We can look back on an incredibly educational and exciting first year, with a progression that even our inventor and founder Bendik Bø could barely dream of. Both in terms of technological breakthroughs and the company's development.

Networking, raising capital, raising skills, concluding important collaboration agreements with skilled and recognized players, optimizing technology and last but not least “proof of concept”, which means that the physical principles behind the concept are proven, are all important and significant milestones that deserves extra attention today.

We marked the important date with a brand new website, which you are now visiting, as well as the premiere of our new onepresentation film!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ByJannicke at design og Insite Media for website development, NummeMedia at 3D-drawing and animation and Mixed Pepper for the production of the film.

WorldPower Energy birthday