world power energy i hvit med transparent bakgrunn
Further development of WorldPower Energy’s innovative energy solution
March has, not unexpectedly, also been a hectic and exciting month for WorldPower Energy. Technical department lead by Technical Manager Gagi Peskovic, Project Manager Kjell T. Bjønnes and iInventor Bendik Bø, has spent a lot of time on our production premises in Western Norway, and on Rubbestadneset with our supplier Westcon Olvondo.

The focus is still on further development and construction of our innovative solution and the system as a whole. Important factors such as function, durability, maintenance needs and the overall cost picture are continuously assessed in this process and lay the foundation for optimization towards a finished power production unit.

The WorldPower Energy team is now taking a well-deserved Easter break, but the work will continue in full in week 14.

WorldPower Energy Rubbestadneset