WorldPower Energy

WorldPower Energy - The solution

Bendik's briefing - learn more about the WorldPower Energy solution

Revolutionary energy solution

WorldPower Energy aims to offer sustainable and future-oriented energy production that ensures and supports the Norwegian government's long-term plans for an efficient and climate-friendly energy supply. Our role is limited to producing electricity and supplying strategic partners and suppliers.

WorldPower Energy offers a revolutionary energy solution, by creating new space under high pressure.

This innovative solution means that with three different pressure systems we can use the higher pressure, as a force, to extract water in the lower pressure. We create a space as large as the floating element in the buoyancy machine requires to get back out to sea, regardless of depth. In this way, we have not used energy to get the floating element into the sea. Through this solution, potential energy is transformed into buoyancy energy, from buoyancy energy to mechanical energy, and then from mechanical energy to electricity.

The most unique thing about this solution is that it is the constant buoyancy in the sea, which is always present, is utilised. Which means constant utilisation of energy.

Patent protected

WorldPower Energy is patent pending in all countries, and that we have been patent protected during the entire development phase, with ongoing applications that have replaced each other. WorldPower Energy is therefore well protected and will be so in the future, based on both current and future technology. 

On the 17th. of August 2020 we received the good news from the Norwegian Patent Office that our patent application has been approved, and that WorldPower Energy will be granted the Norwegian Patent.