WorldPower Energy

WorldPower Energy - The philosophy

My philosophy has always been this: regardless of the task ahead, it is the way we think that will have the main effect on the end result"

These words belongs to the founder of WorldPower Energy, Bendik Bø, and he continues:

"In order to achieve the best result, we need to focus on optimisation, more than on the result itself. That approach is in my opinion the only way to achieve the best end result. If you need to look hard for the problem, then creating a solution to that particular problem is probably not worth your time. Some problems, however, are crying out for attention. How to provide sustainable energy solutions are certainly one of those problems".

An urgent need for renewable energy

We need more energy, and cleaner energy. We have to assess the resources we have available today and consider which of these are renewable enough to be utilised  in the future as well. What can we use that does not end, in this closed system that the earth is in after all?

For us at WorldPower Energy, it became a matter of course to try to solve the existing problem around the exploitation of the ocean and its calm water and enormous resources in buoyancy and gravity.

For us, it has been a dream to solve this problem, not for our own gain, but as a result of a deep philosophy about the resources we humans possess, both intellectually and emotionally. Man is without a doubt the most resourceful race on earth. With opportunities to spread joy and feel, construct and build, fail and learn. We have a long way to go in terms of proper sustainable management and use of the earth's resources, but an enormous potential to do what we know is right for the earth in the long run, to ensure a rich life for future generations and all living beings.


We have to think differently. We must start from where we are today and look at how far we have come. Furthermore, we must allow ourselves to fantasise about what is good for the future, and then pick the fantasy down bit by bit to see if it is possible physically to turn that imagination into reality. We then analyze what value and impact it would have.

Through boundless fantasies without frameworks and principles, we can move forward with most things that already exist today.

This is the philosophy behind WorldPower Energy, and the reason why the project has now become a reality.