WorldPower Energy

WorldPower Energy - Our story

Position in the energy market

Great demands are placed on future energy production, while it will be challenging to produce enough power. There are clear environmental and climate goals in Norway and globally. Development of our new innovative technology will make a step up from well-known resources such as oil, gas, hydropower, wind, solar, and wave power. Physics and gravity in water allows for unlimited resources that already exist to be utilised.

WorldPower Energy solves this challenge.

Our role in Norway and globally

Norway plays a central role and will contribute to a dramatic reduction of global climate emissions with new technology. Fossil energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas covers 75% of today's energy needs - solar and wind 2%.

"Power for change" is the Norwegian Government's Report on energy policy towards 2030. The main message in the report is that security of supply, climate and business development must be seen in conjunction to ensure an efficient and climate-friendly energy production.The role of WorldPower Energy is to produce energy with new, innovative, and sustainable technology, working with strategic partners and well-known power suppliers.

Today - and the future

The people behind Worldpower AS has been working on developing the invention and technology since 2015. The company was established early 2020 and prototype 3 will be finished and tested during the autumn of 2020. During the first half of 2021, the system will be ready for large scale power generation.

Our corporate social responsibility

The social responsibility of WorldPower Energy is to contribute to be a leading producer of renewable energy in a global perspective, with a foundation in innovation and entrepreneurship. Strategic partners today: SIVA, Innovation Norge, Norsk Katapult, Silicia and Oslo Patentkontor.