WorldPower Energy

The WorldPower Energy team

Bendik Bø

CEO & Founder

Bendik is the CEO and founder of Worldpower AS. He is passionate about physical functions, above all significant physical challenges with great potential.

Bendik founded Worldpower AS in February 2020 after solving the physical challenges in this concept, and has a burning interest in completing the project with the aim to contribute to cleaner energy production globally.

Gagi Peskovic

Civil engineer (master student)

Gagi is studying civil engineering, with a specialisation in risk analysis (known as INDØK) at the University of Stavanger, Norway. 

Since July 2020, Gagi has worked closely with Bendik and WorldPower Energy, being responsible for calculations as well as drawing and construction.

Gagi began his last year of his master's degree in August 2020.

Mathilde Halvorsen


Mathilde recently joined the WorldPower Energy team as an intern, as part of her studies. She is now in her final year of a Bachelors degree in Shipping and Logistics at the University of Southeast Norway at Bakkenteigen in Vestfold. 

Mathilde is planning to write her Bachelor thesis on WorldPower Energy.  

Mathilde will contribute with knowledge gained through her studies.

"There is a current green shift in the maritime industry, and working alongside WorldPower Energy I get the opportunity to follow this developments closely!", says Mathilde. 

Trond Løvaas